Join us at one or both of the readings and presentations by Akiva J. Savett and his brilliant work, Preservation

Join us at one or both of the readings and presentations by Akiva J. Savett and his brilliant work, Preservation

Thursday, February 6th at 7:00 PM
Winston Churchill High School
11300 Gainsborough Rd, Potomac, MD 20854
Hosted by the WCHS Educational Foundation

Sunday February 9th at 9:00 AM
Beth Sholom
Seven Locks Road, Potomac, MD 20854

Brilliant Poet and Advanced Placement English Literature Teacher. he has been publishing poetry for over 10 years and his work has appeared in a variety of prestigious literary journals. Savett is also a chronic sufferer of Crohn’s Disease and a committed father and husband. Much of his work is interested in opening the sacred; in each poem, Savett discovers and frees the luminous trapped within the chaos of his life. In the midst of his struggles with surgery, mortality, and the contingencies of parenthood, his voice shines brightly from the firmament of young and dynamic American poets. Below are some Amazon reviews for your review.

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Think You Don’t Like Poetry? Read This Book!
By Ali G on August 28, 2013
Format: Paperback Amazon Verified Purchase
I’m so thankful to have read this collection of poems. Mostly, I read novels and short stories, with the occasional book of poetry thrown in only if it comes highly recommended. One of my friends at college told me to read this because Savett is her former English teacher. I can’t believe how much I loved it.

In poem after poem, Savett plays with language in surprising and ingenious ways, but he always gives the reader some accessible entry into meaning. Whether having a catch with his son, playing hide and seek with his daughter, visiting an old friend near the Gettysburg battlefield, or even flirting, tongue in cheek, with religious conversion so he can learn the names of trees and birds, Savett’s poems are about everyday experiences and moments so many of us have stopped paying attention to. Some of the most powerful poems in the collection are about his experiences with pain and chronic health issues. Though never named in the book (his amazon author page mentions Crohn’s Disease), references about and responses to illness provide a thread which ties this collection together—language and the book itself serve as preservation for Savett. In paying attention and displaying such a mastery of language, Savett is also preserving the fleeting precious moment and people he meets and loves. This book is short (it’s a poetry chapbook) but incredibly sweet, and I look forward to reading more from him in the future. He is one of the few poets (Stephen Dunn, W.S. Merwin, Billy Collins, Kay Ryan) I will try and keep up with. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

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Billy Collins Would Be Proud 
By Haroot H. on August 22, 2013
Format: Paperback
In an interview with the PBS News Hour, two-time Poet Laureate Billy Collins was asked about the idea of making poems “accessible.” He responded by saying, “I think accessible just means that the reader can walk into the poem without difficulty. The poem is not, as someone put it, deflective of entry. But the real question is what happens to the reader once he or she gets inside the poem? That’s the real question for me, is getting the reader into the poem and then taking the reader somewhere because I think of poetry as a kind of form of travel writing.”
Savett’s collection successfully invites the readers into his poems. It is at this point of “entry” that his imagery guides the reader on a multi-sensory journey of daily life. However, instead of settling for mundane commentary, Savett challenges us to see and feel what we normally take for granted. If, as Collins so eloquently states; poetry is a “form of travel writing,” then Savett’s Preservation takes us on the simplest and most rewarding trip of all: a refreshing look at the people, moments and places that compose our existence.

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The mundane made luxurious
By Naomi R Kieval on August 20, 2013
Format: Paperback Amazon Verified Purchase
The author’s love of the English language is evident from the first pages. Each poem presents an almost “stream-of-consciousness” account of daily life. These snippets of life as displayed in word-play and metaphor reveal much of the beauty of a life made up of family and naturalist spirituality; the author’s health, family concerns, financial constraints, and more are on full display. The verse feels at home amid the early modern poets, beatniks, and absurists. Echoes of Ginsburg and cummings are clearly heard as well. Savett’s Preservation is an impressive collection, and a great entree into modern free-verse.

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Seriously beautiful
By Steph Herold on September 11, 2013
Format: Paperback Amazon Verified Purchase
The poems in this collection are complex enough to sink your teeth into, yet also beautiful enough to read once and appreciate. Sprinkled with literary and medical references, the way Savett conveys a sense of awe in each poem surprised and delighted me. Some lines are so perfect they will slay you: “we are more like pencils / where each day scratches / us away / than pens, intact, / but leaking words” and others will have you cracking open your computer to google (who’s Tiamat again?). I felt like I was playing hide and seek with these poems, sometimes getting a glimpse at their meaning, sometimes searching and searching. Even if I couldn’t uncover exactly what I thought the poems meant, they evoked that ineffable feeling you get when you’re reading something good and you allow yourself to get inside the feelings of the poem instead of trying to pinpoint what every word signifies. A really refreshing read–looking forward to many more!

Corey Feldman

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Potomac High School teacher publishes awe-inspiring first poetry book

In Preservation, Akiva J. Savett’s first collection of poetry, his verbal dexterity, intellect, and empathy are on full display. He is in love with life and language and the possibilities contained in each moment.
Much of his work is interested in opening the sacred. In each poem, Savett discovers and frees the luminous trapped within the chaos of his life. An Advanced Placement High School English teacher in suburban Maryland, Savett is also a chronic sufferer of Crohn’s Disease and a committed father and husband.
In the midst of his struggles with surgery, mortality, and the contingencies of parenthood, Savett takes heed of William Carlos Williams’ injunction “no ideas but in things.” In verse that is both sensorial and playfully experimental, Savett preserves the people, places, and moments which comprise his world and ours.

“Think you don’t like poetry? Read this book!” – Ali G, Amazon review
“His writing is lyrical and yet crisp, reminding us to notice and savor the details in the world and experiences around us.” – Missy K, Amazon review

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Running and changes

OK so it’s been over a year since I was able to really run regularly. It started with an injury during a 1/2 marathon. Which lead into a long winter of even longer hours and lots of illnesses.  Summer was also long hours, major changes and well, I broke several ribs.

On the illnesses/injury front we are hoping for a major change. When Josh was 3, he got sick all the time. Once we did tonsils, tubes and adenoids he has barely been sick since (not counting the headaches – which like the eardrums I am pretty sure he has my genome to blame). So this year, in a couple weeks actually, Elijah is scheduled to go under the knife for his tonsils. Hopefully with those gone, my little germ factory will cease its constant production of household illnesses.  My ribs are pretty much healed. Though too much pressure on them still hurts, but I am sure that is the mussel/tissue around the bones. I can finally breather without pain. Breathing is good!

On the work front, for those who don’t know I left my day job. I was there for almost a decade and nearly 1/2 my HR career.  Which means I started HR when I was 14 or so, according to my age math. It’s odd after being there so long. When I started there I had just started dating Melissa. Nearly 10 years and 2 kids later… Anyway, so I started a new company which essentially has two connected divisions. I opened my own small publishing business and I am doing web hosting and development.  My site is at Please feel free to check it out. I am still in the process of republishing my old work under my own house, but I do have Egret the Elephant Volume 2 up as well as a brilliant poet’s poetry book – Preservation by Akiva J. Savett.  This post was supposed to be about running, not a plug for my new company, but Chanukah is coming early so if you need a great book for your kids, Egret 2 is even better than 1. Also for you or your spouse, Preservation is truly amazing. Or maybe you are tired of your old website and what something fresh, all of my development packages come with a year of free hosting.  Or if you just want to switch hosts, I offer great rates with multiple daily backups and once daily offsite backup included in all hosting tiers.

As for HR, I haven’t entirely removed my hand from industry. I am doing consulting work.  But now I get to do much of my work at home in my PJ’s, always a life long dream of mine.  It’s funny, I probably work more hours now, especially as I regularly work Sundays, but I have no more painful commute and I get to see my kids every day! Not just on weekends. I even occasionally  drop off them and or pick them up from school.  I am forced to dress and travel to various Starbucks and other yummy places to drop off bookmarks and maybe partake in a  semi-dry cappuccino . But I am willing to endure those slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.

OK so back to the topic at hand – more hours but much more flexibility working from home. So today starts my first step back into regular running.   I am trying for preconceptions or really ego issues.  I know I am essentially starting over.  When Melissa and I first talked about today, I said, sure I will take it light, keep it to 7 miles and not worry about speed. She talked me done to 3 or so. But even that might be a stretch at this point. I am actually going to start back with my old route I used when I first started running again.  It is right around 3 miles, I think.  But I went from walking the last 1/2 of it to a 20+ mile run in less than 6 months. I am hoping the same will hold true. Though I plan to do a little more mixing things up this time. Last time I just did running and strength training. This time I would like to add swimming and biking into the mix at some point. Yes that does mean I want to do a triathlon. Were shall see.

So I am off for my first run, wish me luck , if anyone still reads my blog. That is another thing, regular writing will also resume, including blogging.

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