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Need an great quick read on, everything is closed New Years Day? In honor of the New Year, the 10th Anniversary of meeting my wife Melissa Weinrieb Feldman and the upcoming release of my new and related Alex Kagan Prequel serial 1 KristallNacht. Help yourself to a free eBook of the related novelette The Sexton and the Reaper. The coupon code is good for through New Years Day. Please copy/paste the following code into the coupon box.


The Sexton and the Reaper is a novelette in the Alex Kagan series. It is Urban Fantasy with Jewish Mystical spin. It’s really a story about the Human Condition, Friendships, and a good old fashion love story; and of course, Ghosts, Soul Collectors, Angels, Jewish Mysticism (Kabbalah), and of course fantasy.

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Potomac High School teacher publishes awe-inspiring first poetry book

In Preservation, Akiva J. Savett’s first collection of poetry, his verbal dexterity, intellect, and empathy are on full display. He is in love with life and language and the possibilities contained in each moment.
Much of his work is interested in opening the sacred. In each poem, Savett discovers and frees the luminous trapped within the chaos of his life. An Advanced Placement High School English teacher in suburban Maryland, Savett is also a chronic sufferer of Crohn’s Disease and a committed father and husband.
In the midst of his struggles with surgery, mortality, and the contingencies of parenthood, Savett takes heed of William Carlos Williams’ injunction “no ideas but in things.” In verse that is both sensorial and playfully experimental, Savett preserves the people, places, and moments which comprise his world and ours.

“Think you don’t like poetry? Read this book!” – Ali G, Amazon review
“His writing is lyrical and yet crisp, reminding us to notice and savor the details in the world and experiences around us.” – Missy K, Amazon review

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