Book Reading Beth Sholom ECC – Monday September 30, 2013

On Monday I will be reading to each class at the Beth Sholom ECC.  If your kids are at the Beth Sholom ECC and you would like to purchase copies of Egret the Elephant: Volume 1 and/or Volume 2, please go to

If you want a signed copy, please put any special requests in the box under the product when you select it. When you go to check out, make sure you click the top radio button that says “Event Pickup” to avoid shipping charges.
On a special note. Egret the Elephant: Volume 1 Edition 1 is on sale, while supplies last.

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Running and changes

OK so it’s been over a year since I was able to really run regularly. It started with an injury during a 1/2 marathon. Which lead into a long winter of even longer hours and lots of illnesses.  Summer was also long hours, major changes and well, I broke several ribs.

On the illnesses/injury front we are hoping for a major change. When Josh was 3, he got sick all the time. Once we did tonsils, tubes and adenoids he has barely been sick since (not counting the headaches – which like the eardrums I am pretty sure he has my genome to blame). So this year, in a couple weeks actually, Elijah is scheduled to go under the knife for his tonsils. Hopefully with those gone, my little germ factory will cease its constant production of household illnesses.  My ribs are pretty much healed. Though too much pressure on them still hurts, but I am sure that is the mussel/tissue around the bones. I can finally breather without pain. Breathing is good!

On the work front, for those who don’t know I left my day job. I was there for almost a decade and nearly 1/2 my HR career.  Which means I started HR when I was 14 or so, according to my age math. It’s odd after being there so long. When I started there I had just started dating Melissa. Nearly 10 years and 2 kids later… Anyway, so I started a new company which essentially has two connected divisions. I opened my own small publishing business and I am doing web hosting and development.  My site is at Please feel free to check it out. I am still in the process of republishing my old work under my own house, but I do have Egret the Elephant Volume 2 up as well as a brilliant poet’s poetry book – Preservation by Akiva J. Savett.  This post was supposed to be about running, not a plug for my new company, but Chanukah is coming early so if you need a great book for your kids, Egret 2 is even better than 1. Also for you or your spouse, Preservation is truly amazing. Or maybe you are tired of your old website and what something fresh, all of my development packages come with a year of free hosting.  Or if you just want to switch hosts, I offer great rates with multiple daily backups and once daily offsite backup included in all hosting tiers.

As for HR, I haven’t entirely removed my hand from industry. I am doing consulting work.  But now I get to do much of my work at home in my PJ’s, always a life long dream of mine.  It’s funny, I probably work more hours now, especially as I regularly work Sundays, but I have no more painful commute and I get to see my kids every day! Not just on weekends. I even occasionally  drop off them and or pick them up from school.  I am forced to dress and travel to various Starbucks and other yummy places to drop off bookmarks and maybe partake in a  semi-dry cappuccino . But I am willing to endure those slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.

OK so back to the topic at hand – more hours but much more flexibility working from home. So today starts my first step back into regular running.   I am trying for preconceptions or really ego issues.  I know I am essentially starting over.  When Melissa and I first talked about today, I said, sure I will take it light, keep it to 7 miles and not worry about speed. She talked me done to 3 or so. But even that might be a stretch at this point. I am actually going to start back with my old route I used when I first started running again.  It is right around 3 miles, I think.  But I went from walking the last 1/2 of it to a 20+ mile run in less than 6 months. I am hoping the same will hold true. Though I plan to do a little more mixing things up this time. Last time I just did running and strength training. This time I would like to add swimming and biking into the mix at some point. Yes that does mean I want to do a triathlon. Were shall see.

So I am off for my first run, wish me luck , if anyone still reads my blog. That is another thing, regular writing will also resume, including blogging.

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Jewish Poetry Anthology for Charity

Jewish Poetry Anthology for Charity

I putting together a poetry anthology (which has been delayed) incorporating several things close to my heart: Poetry, Judaism, the DC area, and Tzedakah (charity).  The basic idea is to round up a variety of Greater Washington Area Poets. The poetry *must* be related to Judaism. Fifty percent of the profits will be donated to a Greater Washington Area Jewish charitable organization. Ten percent of the profit will go to CoreyJF Publishing, LLC for covering ongoing costs of marketing and other general publishing functions. The remaining forty percent of the profits will be split among the writers. The split will be based on the number of accepted contributions. A poet with more than one accepted contribution will receive an equal share for each published poem.   There will be a print, eBook, and likely an audio version of this anthology. Writers retain most reprint and resale rights of their individual work. The only exception is for the continued inclusion in this anthology (e.g. if you sell your work to another publisher, the contract must stipulate the continued inclusion of the work in this anthology).

Hopefully we can get some fresh new names out there while benefiting the local community at the same time.

Please email them to by September 30, 2013

If you have any questions feel free to call or email me at 301-458-0818 – Corey Feldman